I'm now offering Cupping Appointments

I have great news to pass along...due to popular demand, I'm now offering 30 minute cupping appointments! These are treatments that do not include acupuncture. (A typical acupuncture follow up may also include cupping as part of the treatment if it is warranted).

Cupping is great for:

1. Tension and stress release

2. Neck or Back Pain/Headaches

3. Athletic Recovery of tight muscles

4. Injuries (ex: rotator cuff injury/shoulder pain, IT Band syndrome, plantar fasciitis)


I recently did a Facebook Live of a cupping session and you can see it here:

Session will be 30 minutes in length and cost $50. 

Cupping may not appropriate if you are on blood thinners, have an actively swollen area, broken skin, or are pregnant. 

If you have questions or want to know if cupping is right for you, just email or text me!

To schedule an appointment, click here: